We're Too Far Away (My Other Future, My Other Youth)

by Craig Hallsworth

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‘We’re Too Far Away (My Other Future, My Other Youth)’ is the first single taken from "What’s The Story With This Hole?", the debut solo album by Western Australian songwriter Craig Hallsworth, featuring single

With over 30 years of songwriting experience under his belt, Craig Hallsworth makes "What’s The Story With This Hole?" feel effortless yet boundless. Recorded and produced with long-time collaborator Al Smith (DrAlienSmith, Bergerk Studios), the album represents the most musically developed and fully realised recording the pair have delivered to date. On the surface, these are perfectly composed and innately melodic pop/rock songs, with Hallsworth’s guitars alternately shimmering and snarling around his unmistakably keening vocals. The real magic, however, lies a little concealed; songs often end up somewhere very different from where they started, and Hallsworth’s often surreal lyrical excursions act in striking counterpoint to the music.

It’s this juxtaposition that makes "What’s The Story With This Hole?" so special – musically rich and familiar sounds taken into unrelated narrative territories. In Hallsworth’s own words, “To me, the mysterious undecidability in the words plays a crucial part in the overall experience of the songs, making them events of sense and sensation. It isn’t so much that I consider the lyrics to be poetry, but I think a sense of poetry would be useful in approaching these songs.”

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To be here, a distant dream
So you have to wave and scream
Is someone breathing in the hall?
Is someone walking through a wall?
Was someone carried by the crowd
Worshipping a burning cloud?

But I’ve got time for mysteries
Still, they perish on the window sill
Where do you go everyday?

The skies at night are my other future
The streets at night are my other youth
Your sweet face is my other zero
Your lost lover is my other hero
Your treachery is my other truth …

This treachery is my other truth …

It’s a kind of winnowing
The molecules begin to sing

Before you disappear again
I realise you were also my friend

Wish there were something I could take
A blue planet for a minor ache
Or a blue planet for a minor ache

A word for such astonishment:
A hangover
This space for rent
Who are you when you’re at home anyway?

This Mexican Fender is my other guitar
I’m bleeding now from the other side
We’d live again if we could only get there

This vortex is my usual weekend
It’s patrolled by an unmanned drone
Are we blind, are we all alone?
Are we statues, are we made of stone?
Or are we statues, are we made of stone?

We see the light but we’re too far away
We can see the light but we’re too far away …

We’re too far away …


released September 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Craig Hallsworth Perth, Australia

Craig Hallsworth attempts to resingularise, for himself, the experience of a rock or pop song. He doesn’t approach it from the outside, in terms of styles or genres, but from the inside, as a field of affects and intensities. For him, songs are about the desire to play guitars and drums and to sing, expressing the poetry, humour and absurdity of a person finding themselves in this situation. ... more

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